Friday, March 6, 2009

How to deal with Boredom

Sigh. Boredom. One of the worst diseases to catch. Very contagious and horribly tough to recover from. ANYhoo, here's a list of things to do when you've reached rock bottom and are utterly bored.

> Read books with Happily Ever Afters. When you're bored, you happen to be very cynical. So after you read a Happily Ever After, you have something to roll your eyes at.

>Make weird food combos. Coke and cake icing? Honey and cheeslings (tastes awesome, just so you know)? Be creative.

>Watch a movie that you've never seen before. If the electricity goes before you're done with it (Been there, Done that), imagine you're own ending.

>Call up people. If no one's at home and if everyone's abandoned in your time of need when you're sick with Boredom, make up your own imaginary friends and have fabulous conversations with them.

> Have a tea party with those imaginary friends and be all very British. ("Pass me those scones, will you? Simply splendid tea. Absolutely spiffing, I tell you. Marvelous day, isn't it? Yes, quite lovely.")

>Real friends still not at home? No worries. Count the number of black things present in the room you're in.

> Done with black? That was fast. Now....white.

> Hmm...colours boring you, aren't they? No worries. Hakuna Matata. Have a pillow fight with yourself. Yes. Fun, isn't it?

> Ugh. Still bored. Pour glue on your hand, let it dry and slowly peel it off. Intensely fun, trust me.

>Rock bottom? Still bored? That's it. There's no cure. Oh, fine. Since you insist, one last attempt : Write/blog about 'How to deal with Boredom'.

I'm STILL bored. Sigh.
Over and out.