Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Book Talk

I’m a complete bookaholic and I’m a HUGE fan of fantasy fiction and science fiction. These are some of the books I’ve read recently which have made me go ‘WOW!’-

The Game World Trilogy by Samit Basu
These are one of the best books I’ve ever read. They are not your normal everyday the-good-guy-saves-the-world-from-the-bad-guy books. According to me it is one of the most perfect books because it has adventure, a LOT of imagination which is all intertwined with TONS of humor and sarcasm. These books, Simoqin Prophecies, Manticore’s Secret and Unwaba Revelations mainly revolve around Kirin, Maya, Asvin, Amloki and Mantric. They are not your usual characters where one person is the good guy and one is the damsel in distress and the others are just the allies who are trying to save the world. No, each of them have their own personality which in their own way is weirdly hilarious. People randomly die and everyone gets over it in less than two seconds and start discussing what is for pudding. It totally weird so if you are a person who is all into very sensible books with logical endings: do not take it.
For me these books were completely brilliant because they were very original with subtle spoofs and lots of suspense. So if your read is something which filled with humor but still has a lot dramatic action: get your hands on them ASAP!!

No Guns at My Son’s Funeral by Paro Anand
This book is actually one of the more serious ones I’ve read. It is about a normal boy living in Kashmir who is brain-washed by a couple of militants. The story revolves around how he believes that he’s working for ‘a cause’ but he is actually working for the sadistic pleasure of the chief of their group, Akram. It one of those books which you have to put down after you read it and then sit and think about it. It is very touching and makes you think about how far a person can go just to prove a point or to gain power or just for their own brutal satisfaction. It is one of those MUST read books.

Love Story by Erich Segal
It is not your typical story. Sure, the boy meets girl- they are from two opposite worlds. Oliver Barrett, a preppie Ivy League lawyer, and Jennifer Cavilleri, a seemingly nerdish music major. The cover might not appeal to you, the book might be about 150 odd pages but the story is simple, heartening, touching and yet very tragic. Its one of the best love story ever written and I absolutely loved it.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Maths- The Real Villain

It's such a catastrophe

From algebra, arithematic to geometry.

Tell me, who really cares

about parallelograms, triangles and squares??

I'm sorry, but i find it completely pointless

to make mistakes which are totally careless.

It's agonizing,
It's hysterical,
It's boring,
It's logical.

To understand maths is truly impossible.

And for those who do, it's an achievement which is applaudable.

How much ever i try,

I just CANT multiply.

During lessons in school, I'm left completely blank,

I'm pretty sure that I've earned the last rank.

But as long as I'm in school, I guess I'll have to interpret,

what the sum means, bit by bit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Books and Movies- My true teachers

Movies and Books have taught me a number of things that school could never have imagined. Here are some of the most important lessons they’ve taught me:

1. If you gamble and win a ticket on a huge cruise ship- Don’t take it. Do NOT take it. Unless you want to be wound up in an incredibly romantic love story but in the end you anyway end up dead. Poor Jack from Titanic. He never had a chance to think before he got on board the ship.

2. Most old men with long white beards are completely loopy.
Example one: Merlin. Who knew that this dude was completely wacko. But trust me, he was. This dude had completely radical ideas. Lots of people had problems with his ideas and so he died a very painful death. Musta hurt.
Example two: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. This is another completely crazy guy. Apart from his definition of ‘a few words’ being ‘Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!’, he enjoyed making the simplest of things into something long, complicated and extremely hard for someone to decipher.
But that’s what old men with long white beards do: they act wacky!

3. If you are wondering, never walk into a room in a hotel which is full of women. So
I learnt from The Witches by Roald Dahl. The room might just consist of the worlds most evil witches who want to turn all children into mice. So in case you are in a hotel and see a bunch of women who’ve arrived for a very important meeting, always be on the look out. They might just want to turn you into mice.

4. The Game World Trilogy by Samit Basu has taught me one of the most important
lessons in my life. I’m not even joking. Villains aren’t all that evil. It’s all just the way you look at it. Perspective, that’s what it is.

5. From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai I have learnt that it is always helpful to keep your
Best friend’s E-mail ID. Or at least he/she’s phone no. You might just find out that after your husband or wife dies that they are your true love after all.

6. Over the Hedge taught me that it is always helpful to keep a storage of junk food
in your house, how much ever your mom might protest.

7. Sholay is one of my favorite movies of all time. One of the reasons is because it
taught me a number of very important lessons:

a. If you don’t want your best friend to die, it might be a good idea to check whether he or she has a coin in which both the sides are the same.
b. Women make great horse riders.
c. Never laugh at your boss’s jokes. He might find it offensive and kill you.
d. It’s not that hard getting out of jail. So by some misfortune you get in, chill. Don’t stress. It doesn’t a lot to get out.
e. Holi which is otherwise a fun festival can end in a catastrophic disaster.

8. If the President of America is jumping of an emergency chute when the Air Force One is hijacked, it might be a good idea to check if he’s actually got into the chute. He might just decide that he wants to be the heroic one and save all the other people on the flight.


Follow their autocratic rule,
there’s no other way in school.
They teach you stuff
and rarely make you laugh.
All they ask of you,
is to follow their words without opposition.
All you can do is follow their constitution.

They teach you life skills
but in the process it kills,
the student’s enthusiasm and happiness
And leaves them completely helpless.

Then one day it struck me
that teachers care deeply
of whether in life, their students succeed or fail
or care to talk to them or send a mail.

Then I accepted that teachers have feelings,
Maybe, just maybe, they like laughing
And that they are actually human, like you and me
And one day, from the students, they would like to be set free.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inhuman Inferno

Note: This is one of the more deep articles that I've written. It is about something which upset me and I felt that everyone deserves to know of it.

13 August 2008.
During the peaceful extra-curricular activities in the morning, all the students of class eight and nine heard traumatic barks and cries for help. Everyone was stunned by these pleas for help. Students rushed out to see what was causing these atrocious screeches. All of us were thunderstruck when we saw that in today’s world, a dog which was stuck in a school pantry was practically being beaten to death by a member of the school helpers.

A member of the school staff claims that he was simply trying to 'scare' the poor creature. Though there were others who saw the dog being beaten and saw its teeth strewn all over the ground, He did not accept what he did. It was clear from the fact that the dog's teeth were on the ground and the blood around the pantry that it was tortured and tormented.
When the dog's barking finally stopped, the staff member walked away and a group of students gathered around the unconscious dog. Most of us had tears in our eyes.

It’s hard to believe that a human could even think of beating up a poor creature. But it’s true. I saw it. And trust me, it’s not pretty. I'm no one to tell you to stop torturing animals or to stop someone from torturing them. But I am going to ask you to think about it. A Human Being, just like you and me, chose to beat up a helpless dog, who did not have anywhere else to go to take shelter

A Normal Day at School ( from the views of a student)

The first thing about school is that none of the days come under the category ‘normal’. Each day is unique. It is like a roller-coaster ride filled with joy, surprises, excitement, crushing disappointments and occasional patches where nothing happens. All you can do is admire the scenery.

The day starts with trying to get to the assembly hall, trying to get there before the bell rings. Getting to the hall can be an adventure on its own- the pushing, pulling and the bustling. All you can hope is to get through the crowd. If by some misfortune you find yourself outside after ‘The Death Bell’ rings, all it spells is doom.

Then comes all the classes, which can be quite a load. Homework, assignments, tests and exams- the pressure’s on! It is like a whole different world where teachers are the autocratic rulers. Next stop- Break! All students look at the clock ticking away and look forward to this beautiful half an hour where everyone is free from all work. It’s the only time in the day that you actually get to talk to your friends other than the times you try to sneak under the teacher’s nose. Before you know it, break’s over. You are back to your monotonous classes where you are staring at you open textbooks trying to get something registered on the soft tissue of your brain.
The clocks keep ticking and finally, FINALLY, the bell rings and school’s over.

During this rollercoaster, you will find that your friends are your seatbelts. They help you get through your day even if it was your worst one. So hold on people! This is one loooong ride!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello there.

Well this is my blog.( Never would have guessed)

This is mostly going to contain bits and pieces of my life.

You might be entertained for a while or you might get thouroughly bored. ( seeing that there are no other options)

Either way, you can explore my pages and I hope you enjoy them!