Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Inhuman Inferno

Note: This is one of the more deep articles that I've written. It is about something which upset me and I felt that everyone deserves to know of it.

13 August 2008.
During the peaceful extra-curricular activities in the morning, all the students of class eight and nine heard traumatic barks and cries for help. Everyone was stunned by these pleas for help. Students rushed out to see what was causing these atrocious screeches. All of us were thunderstruck when we saw that in today’s world, a dog which was stuck in a school pantry was practically being beaten to death by a member of the school helpers.

A member of the school staff claims that he was simply trying to 'scare' the poor creature. Though there were others who saw the dog being beaten and saw its teeth strewn all over the ground, He did not accept what he did. It was clear from the fact that the dog's teeth were on the ground and the blood around the pantry that it was tortured and tormented.
When the dog's barking finally stopped, the staff member walked away and a group of students gathered around the unconscious dog. Most of us had tears in our eyes.

It’s hard to believe that a human could even think of beating up a poor creature. But it’s true. I saw it. And trust me, it’s not pretty. I'm no one to tell you to stop torturing animals or to stop someone from torturing them. But I am going to ask you to think about it. A Human Being, just like you and me, chose to beat up a helpless dog, who did not have anywhere else to go to take shelter