Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009. Hello, 2010.

(*sung to the tune of Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha by Cliff Richard.)

Aaaand we're here again. New Year's eve. Whee & all that.

Things I've learnt in 2009:

--> I learnt how to survive when you're fighting with your bestest friends in the world.

--> I learnt HOW to fight with your bestest friends in the world.

--> Boys will NEVER get what you're mad about unless you spell it out for them. Sometimes, not even then.


--> Facebook is a part of your social life.


-->Marathi profanities.

--> What I want to do with my life. Well, sort of.

--> How to be happy.

--> At end of the day (fine, year), having great hair is what matters. (Vain, but true)

--> How to be diplomatic.

--> Trigonometry. (BIG achievement. BIG.)

--> I've learnt how to love Thai food! (Only from Polka Dots. Hate Thai food from anywhere else.)

--> How to express myself better.

--> How to be down but still be moderately happy.

--> How to not talk about things you want to talk about around people who don't want to hear it. (BIG BIG BIG achievement)

--> How to say the Marathi "l".

--> How to survive without new books. (read the old ones a gazillion more times.)

That is all. I think.

Let's see. January was a happy month. Just got back from a Bangalore trip, spent New Year with my friend Saee. It was all good on the social life front. Academically, it was a hard month. Some time away from the Finals but close enough to get you nervous.

February was all about the exams. Nothing else. Nil. Exams, exams, exams. OH, and in Feb? Magazine in school got published! All because of a couple of my friends and me. We started a student-run mag. WAY cool. Also, February 7th was the first time I wore a saree. For school farewell thing. It was a fairly big thing at that time. (I tripped only twice)

March was baaad baaaad baaaad. Results of Finals out and duuude, it was baaaad. That's about it in March. It was baaaaad.

April! Birthday month! Birthday in Bombay was fun. Didn't do anything huge. But turning 15 was definitely an achievement. April was hot hot HOT and it was happy. Summer holidays started and I started miss Bangalore reeeeaal bad.

And then May= guhh. Had to study, but no inspiration. And the missing Bangalore part increased. A LOT. I remember writing a lot of morbid poems and compositions in May. They must be littered around me desk somewhere.

School opened in June and I realised the enormity of Tenth Grade. I mean, we were rushing with stuff in school. I found myself studying at home instead of wasting time on Facebook. Pox and Debbie happened.

July and August. I can never remember these months clearly. They're always a big mush. Namrata and me made a lot of our chapters. We did some craaazy stuff in school. The whole Swine Flu thing happened. Everyone LOST. IT. During the SF holidays, I wanted rip the world of men and start a band.

September, oh September. You were quite horrible. It was the month for heartbreaks and fights. Saee had her breakdown. Aishwaryah had hers. Everything was so wake-me-up-when-September-ends. It makes me sad to even think about September.

And October was wicked. It was holidays? YEah. Diwali stuff. It was an eerie kinda month. Like the pause before the explosion. End of October, Halloween! Dressed as a vamp (yeah, I'm a cliche) and ate lots of candy.

November was kaBOOM. Like, seriously. It was war. It was fighting. It was DEATH. Okay, no. That's exaggerating. I fought with a lot of people in November. It was a hard month. With all the fighting, I lost a friend in November. Oddly, I don't regret much. And also, preboards. Whee, we started our wonderful exams and it shook everyone up. Properly.

was bittersweet. It was HAPPY but Sad. Happy coz we were generally in a very Christmassy mood and singing carols and all that. Sad because the fighting didn't stop and two of my friends had their breakdowns. But the the 2nd Preboards came and shook everyone up again. Then the Christmas party happened, I met a friend from Shanghai, everything was good.

So here I am. That's what my year has been like. It's been super eventful. Very colourful and even with all the sad stuff, it's been the best ever. Epic year kinda thing.

Things I hope for in 2010:

--> I do well in my Board exams.

--> NO MORE DRAMA. Or at least a little less drama.

--> Not having my breakdown. I'm the only one left in my gang and that scares me. I will be happy.

--> That January doesn't go by quickly. (I'm passing out of school so I want every minute to be slow.)

--> Happiness.


New Year Resolutions:

--> To write more.

--> Learn a new language.

--> Learn to drive a two wheeler. (It'll be legal for me in April!)

--> To join a library instead of buying books.

That is all.
Now Happy New Year, all! Be good & don't die.