Sunday, June 14, 2009

From the diaries of His Late Awesomeness, Pox.

[ Pollux or more commonly known as "Pox" was this awesome worm that Namrata found crawling on her chemistry classwork with his said-to-be best friend Debby. I took Pox and Debby home for one day and when Pox was bored, he took some paper from my table and wrote this diary entry on 11th June 2009. Here it is.]

Mmm... these leaves Biggie No. 2 gave me are quite delish. I will prove it to her by pooing all over the place. That will make her happy.

Today has been fun. Biggie No. 1 cleaned out my world and gave me new leaves. So sweet of her. Debs has been in a bad mood all day. I fought with her a little and that warmed the cockles of my heart. I have one? Must explore.

Anyway, Biggie No. 1 took me to this place where objects with Biggies zoomed about in shiny things. Ro-ad she called it. Next to this place where objects with Biggies zoomed about, Biggie No. 1 handed me over to Biggie No. 2.

She seemed quite upset about this Adam Lambert being gay. I tried to comfort her but she was all screaming and teary and upset. And then, I had a brilliant idea. Debs was upset too! These two could have a girl-to-girl talk. So when I told Biggie No. 2, she said OK and poured her heart out to Debby. Then I was all like- WTF, Stop ignoring ME. So she said OK and played Peek-a-boo with both of us.

Then, in this big zooming shiny thing, we reached this place where everyone looked fully mournful. But then they saw me and got all happy. Ha ha.

Then this BIGGIE FROM A DIFFERENT SPECIES WHO HAD HAIR SHORTER THAN THE OTHER BIGGIES took me on his finger. After I got back to the bottle, aka, my world, Debby was mad. She was pissed because I got all the attention. Serves her right for being a Drama Queen. Bhaav khao.

Then Biggie No. 2 took Debs and me to this new place after Biggie No. 1 said goodbye to us. Tearfully, might I add.

I miss Biggie No. 1. She provided us with an amazing world and even let us help her with chemistry! ( Biggie No.1 knew nothing about her chemistry homework. Hah. ) Oh, and she also gave us totally delish leaves.

Anyway, Biggie No. 2 is still working on her chemistry homework. ( Biggie No. 2 on the other hand, knows everything about chemistry) I went to annoy Debby but she warned me that she'll bite my butt off if I come near. Chicks.Will never get how their mind works.

I am happy. I got many Biggies who love me. I got a Debby who loves me very deep inside. I got a leaf to chew on and oh, I got a place to poo. What more could a worm want?

[This is the end of Pox's diary entry. Later we found out that Debs meant biting his butt off quite literally because the next day, we saw her chewing on his insides. Disgustment.
RIP Pox...]

Note from Blog Owner : I'm leaving comments open for this one. If anyone would like to say some last words for Pox, please do so in the Comments.


Maggot said...

"knows nothing of her chemistry"???
Psh...see if I ever help you with carbon...
neway, awesumness man, its really great to read ure stuff after so always, it made me laugh when i didnt expect it...keep em cuming!

Haunted Guy said...

r9wth, obsessing over worms???? cool tho, u shudn't have released debby, she made a gud pet, she'd bite ur enemies of....

Aboli said...

Pox was a good worm. He stood as a beacon for all things creepy-crawly and wormy. He has carved out a place in my heart forever. Pox, we miss you!!!!

(BTW, ADORED the post! relly relly creative.)

Maggot said...

chewed off, really,