Sunday, July 19, 2009


As usual, it was a major disappointment. Why do I watch HP movies? Who knows. I end up ranting about them for days after. Everyone HATES it when I get into the details of what they missed/screwed up, so I'm going to vent on this blog! Brilliance, I know.


Good stuff in the movie:

1) Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton?) Pure hotness. (HAWTNESS!)

2) Ginny turned out to be quite pretty.

3) Harry remained short. Heh. Didn't make me feel inadequate about my height. Though others made up for him. Hmph.

4) The humour. Whole Harry imitating Slughorn thing.

5) The Brit accents ( I also want)

6) Bellatrix Lestrange. Brilliant actress, really.

7) Last time the pony-tailed Dumbledore appears on screen. YES.

8) Cormac McLaggen. *faints*

9) Luna is PERFECT.

10) Fenrir Greyback suited his role.

11) Draco Malfoy! Oh wait, I already mentioned him. Damn.

Erm...that's about all the good things. NOW. For the rant :-

*Where. were. the. Dursleys? Dumbledore. was. supposed. to. pick. Harry. up. from. the. Dursleys. NOT a random train station with attractive girls.

*They invented a random attack! In The Burrow! WTF. They can't INVENT stuff. How about putting in REAL stuff that you didn't have time to put in, freaks?

* Harry-Ginny get together in the WEIRDEST way possible. They're supposed to get together after a quidditch match. But, NO. They have a random make-out session in the Room Of Requirement. And, wait for it, this part doesn't even EXIST in the book. It wasn't even a proper make out. It was one kiss and they're together. Hello? Reality check.

*Waaaayyy too much on Ron and Hermione, baby, waayyy too much. WHEN, in the book, does Hermione confess her true luurrrve for Won-won? Really now. Take your own creative liberty, but Jesus, don't take it too far.

*Em, The Snape dude put on a li'l weight. But that didn't annoy me too much, whatev.

*Action in the movie was minimal. Like dude, the romance was high.

*They didn't show Rufus Scrimgeour! They didn't show the part in The Burrow where Perce and Scrimgeour come!

*Horace Slughorn didn't look like a walrus. Hmph.

*Horace Slughorn had more of a role than Harry.

*Fluer! Bill! Where WERE they?

*No apparitation lessons, either.

*Fred and George weren't wearing magenta robes in their store! Gaaah.

* Where. were. Kreacher. and. Dobby. WHERE, I ask you?

*Didn't show Voldemort (Btw, HATE it when people say "Voldy") asking for the DADA job! THAT was important!

*The House Of Gaunts was missing! M-I-S-S-I-N-G!

*The Funeral. A-hem? It was missing, too.

*Ok, lots was missing so I'm going to stop with that.

*The movie wasn't too intense, was it?

*In fact, it kinda got boring.

*Dumbledore's death wasn't so spectacular.

*The stuff in the cave? IT WASN'T GREEN. Where the hell did all the crystal stuff come from?

*Last of all, it disappointed me. I'm done venting now.

Ok, so final ratings:
Compare the movie to the book: Zero golden Nidhies out of five.
Look at it as a just a movie: Two and a half golden Nidhies out of five.

Wokay, I'm done. Watch the movie and tell me what you thought :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gotta lurve tradition

With most of my friends, especially the Bangalore ones, I've always had traditions. When we meet up we ALWAYS do a specific set of things. Mostly sleepover traditions with tha girlfriends.
So here I am, making another list. Of ALL the traditions. I mean, it would kinda suck if I forgot a tradition, no? So here goes.

1. Ramila and me have like gazzili-milli-trilli-god-knows-what-eth traditions. When we were kids and she came over to my place, we had this game where we had obstacles on my bunk bed. We jumped through holes, hoola hoops, pillow forts and what not. And in the end, we always drank Litchi squash. We used to do this for HOURS together. OMG, and Neopets!!! We had a combined Neopets account and we used to feed and play with our pets so, so religiously. We even went for Faerie quests, fun stuff.

2. When I went to Ramila's place, we had a whole lotta new traditions to cover. She had this World book which was like a suitcase and you opened it, it had dozens of tiny hard bound booklet thingamajigs shaped in the world map. We used read out ALL because they had adorable pictures and cute descriptions of each place. I ALWAYS read out Italy, North America, Australia and India and she always read out The British Isles, Scandinavia and Spain. I love, love, LOVE the World book. Oh, and at her place, it was always tradition to fight with each other. EVERY SINGLE TIME. She never ever believed I kicked in my sleep without knowing. She always thought it was a plot to give her bruises. She STILL says so. Some things just never change. And of course, she sings this song called Walk On Water which is the most beautiful version of that song. Ramila and me have some gazillion traditions and I can't possibly list all out all.

3. Sanju, Swathi, Smrithi and me have spent hours and hours of lazy afternoons with our traditions. We skate. We play with the hoola hoops. We talk about boys for hours. Hah, and we always, always have lunch at Beijing Bites. Though Sanju never eats. But, yes, lunch at BB is a must.

4. All Tanya and me EVER do is talk. If I need to get something outta my system, she's the first one I call. And even when I go to Bangalore, we spend hours talking about stupid nothings. That's our thing, I guess. OH, and to obsess about Star Wars.

5. Namrata and me used to have lotsa traditions. Now we're all for spontaneity, I think. We used to have this Scrap book in which we randomly scribbled lotsa stuff. It was kinda cute but now if we look back, so 8th grade. Hah. Oh, and Namrata and me used to do Neopets too. Damn, I think our pets are, like, dead. Hmm. (The red dragon below was our Shoyru called Thorn.)

6. This is not much of a tradition or maybe it was, I'm not sure. But when I was a kid, one of my friends Sneha who is now, like, 25 (?) and me used to have our Lazy Walk. We used to walk around real slow around the buildings and , this is embarassing to admit, sing our "walking" rhyme. I even remember parts of it. It started out like "dum dum day, dum dum olay olay.. dissee day, dissee olay olay..." ok, I don't remember the rest. But now, it sounds so stupid. I bet we looked like a couple of drunkards stumbling around the society. Exept I was 7 and she was 17. But why quibble?

7. Namrata, Saee, Mihika and me have only one set tradition. We sit on The Protractor. Okay, no we're not crazy. Our school has these jungle gym things set in shaped of math things like protractors, set squares and stuff. So, The Protractor is our place. Our Adda. We sit there all the time and we don't even have to talk. It's our kinda thinking place.

8. Namrata, Vaishnav and me have one tradition, too. We're ALWAYS stuck together. Just the Natural Order Of Things. Somehow, The Three of us are always stuck together and we look at each other and go, "Shit. All of us here. Again?"

9. Aakash, Akash and me. We had loads of things to do. Akash's house was RIGHT next to mine and Aakash's house was one floor below. We were The Terrible Three. Our tradition was simple- Meet. Make trouble. Laugh.

10. This tradition, I almost forgot. Good thing I'm making this list. Ramila, Leila, Aditi and me in the bus. Leila and me used to sit in one seat and Aditi and Ramila used to sit in the one exactly in front of us. This still makes me laugh and Ramila still admits it's cute, Aditi and Ramila used to play "dino". The curled up their finger and claimed it was a dinosaur and made weird crooning noises. Leila and me used to make endless fun of this. We still do, whenever we meet up.

11. Sanju and me. Summer (duh). Locked in my room for hours. No, we weren't doing anything bad, you perverted people. We were just 10. We did our hair so, so colourful. All you have to do is look at this picture.

Yes, we did this stuff ALL summer. Tradition.

So I think those are all of them.Now I'm all happy and nostalgic. :)

PS- My blogging is going to reduce in a short while. You see, I'm a busy and important person, but you can always catch me on twitter.