Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brown girl in the rain, tralalalala.

Ahh the rain. In November. Cyclone alert. KaBOOM.

Nice things about The Rain:

> School closed. W00t.
> I can wear sweaters and nobody can stop me. I lurve snuggling into my sweaters, really. Well not mine. My dad's. Same difference.
> Oh-so-pretty.
> Cleanwetmud smell. I heart.
> Going chakdumdum chakdumdum in the rain with Aishwaryah.
> Yayy I can get out the big blankets at night!
> Good food will come. I just know it.
> Sadistic pleasure of pushing people into puddles and going "Whoops. So sorry. NOT. HAHAHA" Wow, I'm sucha kid.
> Umbrellas! I got out my Winnie the Pooh and Tigger umbrella which I've had for A Long Time. I deeply heart it.

Not-so-nice things about The Rain:

Eeek. Everything's wet.
> Sky looks so-o-o gloooomy.
> Everyone around me is pissed with the rain. Oh well, not EVERYone. Just some freaks.
> Aich. It's oh-so-pretty until you look at the ground. Ugliness personified.
> Holidays= studying. Coz them fab preboads start from Monday. (CRAP, I need to studyy.)
> Ehh everyone's talking about the rain. (FINE, I'm talking about it too. Not my fault though. Just goin' with tha flow. Heh.)
> SOME people pushed me into a puddle, without even going "Whoops. So sorry. NOT. HAHAHA.". They just pushed me in a puddle and grinned away, very satisfied with self. Hmph.
> The good food hasn't arrived yet.
> Can't open windows for fear of being blown away by STRONGMADCRAZY winds.
> Teachers, maaan. GIVE it a break, let us dance in ze raaain.
> The huge trees in school which were climbed by me are now no more coz the wind broke the trunk in half. Now the tree is lying on the ground and I don't want to climb it no more.

Okay let's kick thees rain out from my blog. It's getting wet.

In other news:

> Preboards from Monday, ohmigosh I need to study study studyyy.

Thassit for noww.
Kay, be good, don't let The Rain get ya down.
Over n out.