Wednesday, June 9, 2010


No, I didn't forget I had a blog. I was constantly reminded of this by lots of people. I don't know why I stopped, it's not like I didn't have enough to write. But I'm back. :)

Keep your eyes open for 489760276 posts.
Over and Out.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009. Hello, 2010.

(*sung to the tune of Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha by Cliff Richard.)

Aaaand we're here again. New Year's eve. Whee & all that.

Things I've learnt in 2009:

--> I learnt how to survive when you're fighting with your bestest friends in the world.

--> I learnt HOW to fight with your bestest friends in the world.

--> Boys will NEVER get what you're mad about unless you spell it out for them. Sometimes, not even then.


--> Facebook is a part of your social life.


-->Marathi profanities.

--> What I want to do with my life. Well, sort of.

--> How to be happy.

--> At end of the day (fine, year), having great hair is what matters. (Vain, but true)

--> How to be diplomatic.

--> Trigonometry. (BIG achievement. BIG.)

--> I've learnt how to love Thai food! (Only from Polka Dots. Hate Thai food from anywhere else.)

--> How to express myself better.

--> How to be down but still be moderately happy.

--> How to not talk about things you want to talk about around people who don't want to hear it. (BIG BIG BIG achievement)

--> How to say the Marathi "l".

--> How to survive without new books. (read the old ones a gazillion more times.)

That is all. I think.

Let's see. January was a happy month. Just got back from a Bangalore trip, spent New Year with my friend Saee. It was all good on the social life front. Academically, it was a hard month. Some time away from the Finals but close enough to get you nervous.

February was all about the exams. Nothing else. Nil. Exams, exams, exams. OH, and in Feb? Magazine in school got published! All because of a couple of my friends and me. We started a student-run mag. WAY cool. Also, February 7th was the first time I wore a saree. For school farewell thing. It was a fairly big thing at that time. (I tripped only twice)

March was baaad baaaad baaaad. Results of Finals out and duuude, it was baaaad. That's about it in March. It was baaaaad.

April! Birthday month! Birthday in Bombay was fun. Didn't do anything huge. But turning 15 was definitely an achievement. April was hot hot HOT and it was happy. Summer holidays started and I started miss Bangalore reeeeaal bad.

And then May= guhh. Had to study, but no inspiration. And the missing Bangalore part increased. A LOT. I remember writing a lot of morbid poems and compositions in May. They must be littered around me desk somewhere.

School opened in June and I realised the enormity of Tenth Grade. I mean, we were rushing with stuff in school. I found myself studying at home instead of wasting time on Facebook. Pox and Debbie happened.

July and August. I can never remember these months clearly. They're always a big mush. Namrata and me made a lot of our chapters. We did some craaazy stuff in school. The whole Swine Flu thing happened. Everyone LOST. IT. During the SF holidays, I wanted rip the world of men and start a band.

September, oh September. You were quite horrible. It was the month for heartbreaks and fights. Saee had her breakdown. Aishwaryah had hers. Everything was so wake-me-up-when-September-ends. It makes me sad to even think about September.

And October was wicked. It was holidays? YEah. Diwali stuff. It was an eerie kinda month. Like the pause before the explosion. End of October, Halloween! Dressed as a vamp (yeah, I'm a cliche) and ate lots of candy.

November was kaBOOM. Like, seriously. It was war. It was fighting. It was DEATH. Okay, no. That's exaggerating. I fought with a lot of people in November. It was a hard month. With all the fighting, I lost a friend in November. Oddly, I don't regret much. And also, preboards. Whee, we started our wonderful exams and it shook everyone up. Properly.

was bittersweet. It was HAPPY but Sad. Happy coz we were generally in a very Christmassy mood and singing carols and all that. Sad because the fighting didn't stop and two of my friends had their breakdowns. But the the 2nd Preboards came and shook everyone up again. Then the Christmas party happened, I met a friend from Shanghai, everything was good.

So here I am. That's what my year has been like. It's been super eventful. Very colourful and even with all the sad stuff, it's been the best ever. Epic year kinda thing.

Things I hope for in 2010:

--> I do well in my Board exams.

--> NO MORE DRAMA. Or at least a little less drama.

--> Not having my breakdown. I'm the only one left in my gang and that scares me. I will be happy.

--> That January doesn't go by quickly. (I'm passing out of school so I want every minute to be slow.)

--> Happiness.


New Year Resolutions:

--> To write more.

--> Learn a new language.

--> Learn to drive a two wheeler. (It'll be legal for me in April!)

--> To join a library instead of buying books.

That is all.
Now Happy New Year, all! Be good & don't die.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brown girl in the rain, tralalalala.

Ahh the rain. In November. Cyclone alert. KaBOOM.

Nice things about The Rain:

> School closed. W00t.
> I can wear sweaters and nobody can stop me. I lurve snuggling into my sweaters, really. Well not mine. My dad's. Same difference.
> Oh-so-pretty.
> Cleanwetmud smell. I heart.
> Going chakdumdum chakdumdum in the rain with Aishwaryah.
> Yayy I can get out the big blankets at night!
> Good food will come. I just know it.
> Sadistic pleasure of pushing people into puddles and going "Whoops. So sorry. NOT. HAHAHA" Wow, I'm sucha kid.
> Umbrellas! I got out my Winnie the Pooh and Tigger umbrella which I've had for A Long Time. I deeply heart it.

Not-so-nice things about The Rain:

Eeek. Everything's wet.
> Sky looks so-o-o gloooomy.
> Everyone around me is pissed with the rain. Oh well, not EVERYone. Just some freaks.
> Aich. It's oh-so-pretty until you look at the ground. Ugliness personified.
> Holidays= studying. Coz them fab preboads start from Monday. (CRAP, I need to studyy.)
> Ehh everyone's talking about the rain. (FINE, I'm talking about it too. Not my fault though. Just goin' with tha flow. Heh.)
> SOME people pushed me into a puddle, without even going "Whoops. So sorry. NOT. HAHAHA.". They just pushed me in a puddle and grinned away, very satisfied with self. Hmph.
> The good food hasn't arrived yet.
> Can't open windows for fear of being blown away by STRONGMADCRAZY winds.
> Teachers, maaan. GIVE it a break, let us dance in ze raaain.
> The huge trees in school which were climbed by me are now no more coz the wind broke the trunk in half. Now the tree is lying on the ground and I don't want to climb it no more.

Okay let's kick thees rain out from my blog. It's getting wet.

In other news:

> Preboards from Monday, ohmigosh I need to study study studyyy.

Thassit for noww.
Kay, be good, don't let The Rain get ya down.
Over n out.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dear Online Diary,

This past week has been kinda cool.

I mean, not that it's weird or anything. I always have cool weeks with wonderfully interesting things happening in each one.

My Diwali Holidays have started, except they're THEE worst ones in my entire life because of Those Exams (I refuse to say It. Let me give you a hint: It sounds exactly like 'bored exams.) But it's not as bad as I thought. Yeah, I have to study. And for the first time ever, I'm actually doing it kindasorta sincerely. (I can't say totally sincerely, coz that would mean I'm becoming a nerd, which we know is not true.)

But.. it's the small things that happen throughOUT the week that make it cool. E.g: Random girlfraaaand drops in, grabs your arm, takes you to a superr awesome place (see picture below and feel jealous) for exactly two minutes and then leaves you to go home.

Or, a shopping trip with another girlfraaaaand who is a supreme shopper. Or a call from a friend, not talked to in a real long time. Or getting completely high and making phonecalls which you know aren't very necessary. Or smart.

Or reading a book which you dug out from a shelf and almost forgot about. Or listening to this really old song which you used to love when you were a kid. Or going through old pictures and drowning in nostalgia, Or maybe just sitting back one evening and blog about moments which you feel are intensely cool.

This has been my week, apart from vigorous studies.
Well, more later Online Diary.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What's been going DOWN?

Lots. Lots has been going on. And I'm filled with the urge to fill in My Online Journal. So here goes.

Wake Up Did? NOT happening any time soon. (Inside joke. You could replace DID with NID, if you want.

So. I saw Wake Up Sid last night. Cute Happily Ever After. Could've been made better, but whatev. 'Twas a happy happy movie with a simple story- A dude who has no motivation in life, meets a young writer and his life changes. Ka- ching!

High point of the movie:

When Aisha (Konkana Sen) gets her books delivered home, the first thing she does is open the box and she smells the books. And here I thought that I was the only freak who was obsessed with the book smell.

Low point of the movie:

(TMI alert!Don't say I didn't warn you) I don't get out of the movie theatre during the interval coz the intervals over here are really short and I hate missing even one tiny bit of the movie. So by end of the movie, I really had to pee. And it was like the movie was mocking. In the end, all they showed was oceans and seas and waters and Bombay rains and pouring and OH, it was a long wait. Right. I'm done now.

General advice:
It's a nice movie to see if you're free on a Saturday night, but really, don't go out of you're way just to watch a good looking conceited brat gett
ing a life. (For girls, SO good looking.)

Ratings: 6 Golden Nidhies out of 10.

The Book Scene
Guh. Bleh. Pfoo. And everything in between. Been reading fully depressing stuff.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak? Well written. Intense. Good story. But, OH, so depressing. It's a story told by Death and the name of the first chapter was the only reason I read the book. It was 'Death and Chocolate'. You can see what I mean.

A Walk to Remember and True Believer by Nicholas Sparks. Both pretty okay books. But now I'm sick of romance. It gets tiring after a while. Now I need some bloodshed and war and some killing. Yeah, I'm weird like that.

Other than that, I'm going through a whole lot of Calvin and Hobbes. Much fun.

Wake me up when September ends.
This has probably become the most clich├ęd song of all tim
es. The number of status messages and blog posts I've read with this title..are a LOT. But September has been a sucky kinda month. First, the weather. It was all indicative of the bad things happening in the month. My Truck (It's this old camera which I used to use like a mad woman) died. It was most sad, but some of myfriends were verily happy about it. Hmph. (The picture below is a of my Truck and me. Sigh)

Also, a month of fights. Romance? Guh. Friendship? Guh. Lots of fights and a general aura of depressing-ness. Hence, the sad books, I think.

Other stuff:
(This calls for bullet points, methinks.)

* There was a false alarm of a Bangalore trip this month. But now I'm not going and am most depressed. It should be against the law to raise a person's hopes and shoot them down. I hope the desired people have GOT THE MESSAGE. (Your cue, parents)

*Girl politics. I've not had it for SO long. And now, it's like BAM I'm back in the game with backstabbing and gossiping and bitching and all the girls stuff. It hurts, but I couldn't love it more.

*It's raining in October. Pune's ALWAYS been a weird sort of place.

*Went to Lonavla yesterday and was RIGHT in middle of the clouds. So beautiful. And I love the tunnels on the way. I was all 'Wheee!' while we went through them.

* The Dad took two weeks off and was at home specifically to annoy the hell out of me. But he's off to work tomorrow. Say it with me: YAYYYY! He's going going going! Two weeks with him, and gaaah, I neeeed my alone time at home.

I'm five months away from THEE most important exam that will decide the rest of my future. And I'm addicted to Facebook. I'm thinking of leaving it for a few months but I lack the will power. Maybe I'll delete it before my Diwali vacations. And then get down and study. (That is the most nerdish sentance I've EVER said and you cannot use it against me in any way.)

That's about it, I guess.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It is a word. Apwush, I mean. Did I say apwush? Yes I did. A word? Absolutely. Used frequently? Oh yeah. By me, at least. It is a word that is embedded in the soft tissue of every human's mind, but few wish to express their apwush-ness.

Apwush can mean anything you like. It can be whatever YOU want it to mean.
For example,
"Dude, wuzzgoinon?"
"Apwush, nothing much. Same apwushofying shit. You?"
"Same here, man. I've been so freaking apwushed lately"

Apwush. Wondrous word. Nice meaning. Rolls on the tongue so well. Using the word 'apwush' can make you so happy. It warms the cockles of your heart, it does.
Anyhoo, I'm too apwushed right now to write more. So later, then.

Keep apwush-ing :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Book Talk

The Story Girl
By Lucy Maud Montgomery

I'm not a big fan of classics. Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with them. But The Story Girl by LM Montgomery is my favourite book of all times. It's simple, sweet and leaves you very content with yourself after you're done reading it.

The story is simple: Eight kids, The Story Girl, Felicity, Cecily, Sara Ray, Felix, Dan, Peter and Beverly, and their summer. The Story Girl is the only book I've read which does not have a story line, no plot whatsoever and yet, it keeps you hooked. It's a charming kind of book which portrays the innocence of children exceedingly well.

The best part of the book is not the setting, the simplicity or the summer. The best part is The Story Girl. Sara Stanley, otherwise known as 'The Story Girl', tells magnificent tales with her enthralling voice. The way the book is written, Montgomery leaves The Story Girl's voice to the reader's imagination. Her voice can be whatever you like, whatever you want. Whatever captures you. And THAT is the beauty of the book.

Ratings: Nine Golden Nidhies out of ten.
Best time to read: A lazy afternoon.

As much as I hate E-books, Here is a link to The Story Girl for people who can't find it in a book shop. However, let me warn those people that reading it online will take away some of the charm and rob you of the glorious smell of the book. So read at your own risk.