Wednesday, September 9, 2009


It is a word. Apwush, I mean. Did I say apwush? Yes I did. A word? Absolutely. Used frequently? Oh yeah. By me, at least. It is a word that is embedded in the soft tissue of every human's mind, but few wish to express their apwush-ness.

Apwush can mean anything you like. It can be whatever YOU want it to mean.
For example,
"Dude, wuzzgoinon?"
"Apwush, nothing much. Same apwushofying shit. You?"
"Same here, man. I've been so freaking apwushed lately"

Apwush. Wondrous word. Nice meaning. Rolls on the tongue so well. Using the word 'apwush' can make you so happy. It warms the cockles of your heart, it does.
Anyhoo, I'm too apwushed right now to write more. So later, then.

Keep apwush-ing :)


Haunted Guy said...

Dat's so Apwush!
I'm all apwush, all i can manage to say now is apwush.
dat really apwushed me u kno, like, it so very spwushing. just apwush, totally apwush...keep up de apwush up! and keep apwushing!

Vaishnav said...


Aboli said...

i finally apwushed the apwush of apwush!!! u get what i'm apwushing???