Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Normal Day at School ( from the views of a student)

The first thing about school is that none of the days come under the category ‘normal’. Each day is unique. It is like a roller-coaster ride filled with joy, surprises, excitement, crushing disappointments and occasional patches where nothing happens. All you can do is admire the scenery.

The day starts with trying to get to the assembly hall, trying to get there before the bell rings. Getting to the hall can be an adventure on its own- the pushing, pulling and the bustling. All you can hope is to get through the crowd. If by some misfortune you find yourself outside after ‘The Death Bell’ rings, all it spells is doom.

Then comes all the classes, which can be quite a load. Homework, assignments, tests and exams- the pressure’s on! It is like a whole different world where teachers are the autocratic rulers. Next stop- Break! All students look at the clock ticking away and look forward to this beautiful half an hour where everyone is free from all work. It’s the only time in the day that you actually get to talk to your friends other than the times you try to sneak under the teacher’s nose. Before you know it, break’s over. You are back to your monotonous classes where you are staring at you open textbooks trying to get something registered on the soft tissue of your brain.
The clocks keep ticking and finally, FINALLY, the bell rings and school’s over.

During this rollercoaster, you will find that your friends are your seatbelts. They help you get through your day even if it was your worst one. So hold on people! This is one loooong ride!