Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Shorty, It's your Burday. We Gonna Partay like it's your Burday.

Sooo....I'm fifteen.
Running on my sixteenth year. Whoa.
A friend told me that 'Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional'. That is SO freaking true. At least in my case because I don't think the kid in me is ever going to grow up.

Somehow I don't get why growing older means not screaming out loud when you are excited, or not to hyperventilate when you're stressed. Why does growing up have to mean having complete control over your emotions? It's super annoying to have people say, "Act your age."
Another thing I have a HUGE problem is with people saying, " Hey. You're fifteen. You should stop watching Barney." Aaaargh. Well, excuse me if watching Barney offended you in any way. I happen to like purple and green dinosaurs who sing adorable family songs.

ANYhoo, enough ranting. Now that I'm fifteen, I'm in the mood to make resolutions and oaths (which I know I'm going to break in time).
This year, I'm going to faithfully scoff at all people who say, "Act your age".(feeling the optimism?). I WILL try to act my own age (whatever that means). Oh, and I'm going to try not fighting with my own friends. I have to remember, they are the ones who love me. But, hey, mock fights are totally allowed. I'm not going to turn saint, like, boring.

Oh and duuuuuude. I'm gonna have to stop losing my compasses. Not just compasses, stationary in general. But compasses specifically.
Ooooh! and I need to grow taller! I'm just five foot and 3 and a half inches. Which kinda sucks. I'm tiny. When I was a kid, about seven or eight, fifteen year old girls used to look so tall. But now that I'm fifteen, sigh, I seem so short. All a matter of perspective. Snort.

Another resolution: Keep the sarcasm and eye rolling and the oh-so-witty comments to the minimal. But, oh, I love being sarcastic. It's so hard to keep the fabulously smart comments to myself. Fine, cancel that. Deal with it, people. I got everything? Yeah. Well thank you, gentle readers. Your listening skills never waver.

Over and out. :)