Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bookish Rants

I consider myself a bookaholic- an undying fan of books. I absolutely adore them. Also, I'm very particular about books. No, I'm not talking about the type of books I read (Fine, I'm particular about that,too.) but I'm talking about how books are treated and dealt with.

Some people just don't know how to deal with books. Those bent book spines....*shudder*.It almost hurts too look at. And then, the worst crime committed: folding page corners as bookmarks. No one ever realises that they could actually be hurting the book. The agony, the pain........even when it's not my book. Now that I'm so miffed with people ruining books, I've gone on a no-lending-book policy. I've vowed not to lend my books to anyone because some of them have already been mutated and I can't bear to see rest of them go that way.

So now that we've talked about physically murdering books, what about figuratively? People telling book ends, stories of books...they should be locked up in jail and the key should be thrown far into the ocean. If the other person hasn't read the book and isn't planning to, who cares? It's their loss. But no, some people just insist on telling stories of books. And when they ask me why I care when they aren't telling me the story but to someone else all together, I can't come up with a good enough answer. Let's just say, I cant watch a murder in front of me. I've given up trying to convince people of how wrong it is, I just satisfy myself with a dejected sigh and walk away from the scene of crime.

It should be banned to make judgements of books from their movies. I was talking to my friend and-
Me: Have you read Eragon?
Friend: No, but I saw the movie. I thought the movie was pretty pathetic so I decided to skip the book.
Me: ----------

The book and the movie are DIFFERENT. I'm not saying, don't watch the movie. All I'm saying is DON'T judge the book by it's freaking movie!!!

When I get my hand on a book, good or bad, I can't let it go until I'm done with it. So while I'm in middle of it, someone walks upto me and says, "You're reading that?" Yes, I'm sorry if it offended you or anything but I happen to be reading that book. Also, when I'm halfway through a book, people ask " How is it?" and I say, "Really bad." they look at me all raised eyebrows and wonder if I'm a retard and ask "Um, then why are you still reading it?" I'm burning to say, "What's it to you, buster?" but instead I sigh and say, " I can't let go of a book until I'm done with it." confirming their suspicions.

Well that covers about half of what I needed to get off my chest but I can make do with this for now. Over and out.