Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Blorgthday to me :)

It's my Blorgthday! Exactly a year since I started blogging. Kinda cool. I could be very cliched and say, "It feels like just yesterday when I opened up my blog. And, oh, now it's a year!" but that's not true. It actually feels like I've been blogging forever.

Advantages of blogging:
1) It keeps you writing regularly. I mean, without the obligation of having to write/type every now and then to keep my blog alive, my writing would have gone for a toss.

2) It's FUN.

3) Them good ol' blog days. (Tagging: Namrata, Tapan, Anish and Vaishnav + The Common Blog)

4) Even if you don't blog a lot, having a blog always gives you the feeling that you've got a place to put stuff out to the outside world.

5) It keeps you connected to the outside world.

6) It keeps the outside world connected to you.

7) It's FUN. Oh wait, I mentioned that.

8) Blogging lets you put out your opinion without ANYone forcing you to shut up or forcing their opinion on you.

Disadvantages of blogging:

1) Blogging never allows you to enjoy a moment fully. You (that is, me) are always thinking if you can convert a moment into a blog post. It's kinda annoying.

2) It worries me that others might read my blog and not like it. But I guess that's the point of having your blog open to the world.

.......that's about it. Clearly the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. My case rests, your honour.


Haunted Guy said...

happy blogerth day from me too, btw, how cum u left comments on???

Vaishnav said...

same 2 u!seriously, how didu leave d comments on?

Maggot said...

ccute post...and its true, u can never fully enjoy ne moment, cuz ure mind-pen immediately starts writing out a scene in front of your eyes, and then ure itching to put it down on blog...

aishwarya said...

hw cum u have the comments thng on?
btw happy blogrtday!