Friday, December 5, 2008

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands *Clap Clap*

I lived in Bangalore for eight years before I moved to Pune. I absolutely LOVE Bangalore...

- I *heart* the small Udupi joints where you get some of the world's best food.

- I *heart* the traffic jams.

- I *heart* the people in the traffic jams who say, "Salpa adjust maadi" (Adjust just a little bit) while they're banging into your vehicle.

- I *heart* the radio stations in Bangalore which make up for the bad traffic jams.

- I *heart* all my friends who still remember me.

- I *heart* the narrow, broken roads which lead to some of my favoritest (don't say it) places in the world.

- I *heart* the stray dogs on the narrow, broken roads which chase your vehicle in the dark and scare the death out of you.

- I *heart* the pathetic English people speak and their horrible pronunciations.

- I *heart* the malls in Bangalore. Especially Forum.

- I *heart* the weird homely feeling you get in Bangalore's malls which I don't even know how to describe. The malls are just so alive.

- I *heart* the fact that Western musicians choose Bangalore as their first option for concerts in India.

- I *heart* the Banyan tree at Lal Bagh.

- I *heart* coffee you get in those tiny cups in small joints.

- I *heart* the bungalows in Jayanagar.

- I *heart* the fact that one of my best friends used to live just two floors below my house.

- I *heart* my ex-school, Kumarans.

- I *heart* 'Scary House' at Garuda Mall, however lame it is.

- I *heart* Landmark- my FAVORITE store.

- I *heart* Higginbothams on MG road.

- I *heart* the parks in each locality in Bangalore.

- I *heart* the samosa and jalebi shop in BDA complex.

- I *heart* the Death By Chocolate at Corner House. Mmmmm.....

- I *heart* Ranga Shankara.

- I *heart* Casa Picola.

- I *heart* the Bangalore weather.

But now I'm in Pune and...

- I *heart* the Shrikhand and Bakadvadi you get at Chitale Bandhu.

- I *heart* all the people who insult me in Marathi, even when I don't necessarily get what it means. The efforts they take to teach me Marathi....incredible.

- I *heart* all my friends who back me up when those random people scream at me....even when I don't deserve it.

- I *heart* the fact that the Commonwealth Youth Games were in Pune. 'Twas excellent fun.

- I *heart* E-square.

- I *heart* Lakshmi road.

- I *heart* the Shrewsberry biscuits and the Honey 'n' Raisin cake you get at Kayani Bakery.

- I *heart* the fact that Pune is just one and a half hours away from one of my favorite cities in the whole world- Bombay.

- I *heart* the small- town feeling you get in Pune. ( We had a traffic signal inaugurated over here. Get what I mean?)

- I *heart* the gang of overly dramatic friends I have over here.

- I *heart* the number of fights and controversies among friends over here. (Oh Drama! What would I do without thee?)

- I *heart* Flags. Pune's own Casa Picola equivalent.

- I *heart* Vada Pav and Misal Pav...something I wouldn't have discovered if i hadn't moved to Pune.

- I *heart* Pune's MG road. Especially on Saturdays when they have the Walk-in Plaza. No vehicle- just random stalls all over and a local rock band playing at end of the street. It's awesome!

- I *heart* the fact that I'm different over here. Some people may call it freak but I say different.

When I first came to Pune, I couldn't come up with one thing to add to a list of "Things I like about Pune". But now, after a year, I'm finally over Bangalore and I'm actually beginning to appreciate Pune. Being over Bangalore DOES NOT mean that I don't miss it. It just means that I'm not moping about how I wish I were there every second of my life.

So now I call myself a Banglorian and a *ahem* Puneite (w-o-w. That's the first time I've actually admitted it). I can't say which city I prefer- If you ask me, I'd probably say Bangalore in less than two seconds but truthfully, they are two cities which can't be compared. I love Bangalore and I love Pune and you know what the best part of it is? I'm happy! *clap clap*

PS- This post cannot be used against me in any way. Hear me loud and clear- It can't be used against me in ANY way. Okay?Okay.