Friday, December 12, 2008


Five things I can't live without :

1. Books
2. Internet
3. Music
4. Soft toys
5. French fries
(Family and friends are WAY more than just 'things')

If I stuck on an island, the three things I would keep with me are:

1. My teddy
2. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
3. A 42 inch LCD screen with a playstation.

Things I'm going to do from today onwards:

1. Stop obsessing over actors of movies and TV shows. They are never gonna fall in love with me so it's no use breaking my heart over nothing.
2. Stop moving towards the kitchen every half an hour.
3. Stay content with what I have. At least try.
4. Crib online instead of using friends and parents. They get annoyed quickly. I *heart* this blog. I can rant all I want and NO one can stop me.
5. Clean my room at regular intervals. It's better than being screamed at by my mom.
6. Think postive. (Yeah Namrata, It's rubbing off on me.)
7. Try and be nice to everyone. Even the people who I strongly dislike. Not hate, mind you. Strongly dislike.

Things I want to do before I'm 20:

1. Drive
2. Bungee jump
3. Pass out of school
4. Surf in Hawaii
5. Go to Timbuktu
6. Cuddle with a baby panda. They're so adorable!
7. Meet a vampire
8. Learn how to shoot webs out of my hand like spiderman.

Hmmm...I'm setting high expectations for myself. Maybe I should make this 'Things I want to do before I'm 25". No. 30 is better. Yeah. Things I want to do before I'm 30.

Pathtic things about being a teenager:

1. You're blamed for everything.
2. People use big words like 'responsibility' around you.
3. You get the worst of both worlds. You're either too young to go to a concert alone or too old to order a Happy Meal at McDonalds. Meh.
4. Hormones. Those terrible, horrific mood swings....*shudder* Nuff' said.
5. Suddenly, you're not so little anymore. You have to work around the house. And, ugh, help around.
6. Your grades suddenly become very important.
7. You get laughed at when you say you love playing with soft toys. Or seeing Barney tapes.
8. Peer pressure, peer pressure, peer pressure.
9. Suddenly, finding a clique you fit in becomes a necessity.
10. School becomes harsh.

Awesome things about being a teenager:

1. Your parents don't mind leaving you alone at home for a couple of hours as long as the house isn't on fire when they come back.
2. Little kids look up to you with an expression of complete awe. The best part is, that you were them at some point so you know exactly what's going on in their heads.
3. Your parents trust you. Most of the time.
4. Suddenly, you don't have to ask your parents permission for the tiniest of things anymore.
5. You don't have to go furniture shopping with your parents anymore. You can watch TV at home instead.
6. Friends. They are the best part of a teenager's life.
7. You're not to young to play spin-the-bottle anymore.
8. You can't be forced to so something you don't want to. Oh wait, you can. But at least you can put up a dang good fight and be unhappy about it in the end.
9. You can use stuff like "It's my life"and it doesn't sound corny.
10. You're almost grown up.

Things about me which you probably didn't know:

a. I sing in the shower. ONLY in the shower.
b. I'm not into metal (music).
c. I love doodling eyes. When I doodle, I mostly doodle eyes or my name.
d. I love Barney and teletubbies. And yes, I'm fourteen. Almost fifteen.
e. I can touch my head with my toes.
f. I have a red-one belt in Takewondo. So be scared, very scared.
g. I like Shakespeare.
h. I keep a regular journal. You know, a diary kinda thing. Not just online.
i. I like writing stuff on paper more than typing it out.
j. I hate Thai food. Can't stand the stuff.
k. My life is pretty boring but I try to make it as dramatic as humanely possible. Sometimes, it's hard.
l. My colour changes with my mood. Right now, it's turquoise. Go figure.
m. I hate ginger ale. It makes me gag.
n. I hate it when people I barely know call me my nick name(s). It gets on my nerves.
o.I'd like to know how it is to die. I mean, it must be cool to completely blank out. Exept it must suck that the 'blanking out' is kinda a permanent thing.
p. I hate Akshay Kumar. Such a wanna-be.
q. I read fast. Very fast. (Fine, most of you knew this one.)
r. I'm a really good liar. Exept in front of friends. Around friends, I giggle madly and all they have to do is say, "It was you, wasn't it?" and I giggle even more and sheepishly say, "Yeaahh...".
s. Once I stayed all night watching the Matrix trilogy. 'Twas fun.
t. I can get drunk on soda.
u. I LOVE shopping. (Fine, most of you knew that one too.)
v. I'm horrible at consoling people. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E.
w. I name inanimate objects. For example, my iPod's name is Sophia.
x. I can make Maggi by myself. *Proud smile*
y. Sometimes, I pretend that I'm on Uranus. Completely isolated. And then my mom wakes me up.
z. I love making lists. (Guessed that, didn't you? Sharp.)

....and now you know your A to Z about me!Ta-da!

Wow. Making lists is my idea of fun. It's almost like therapy. I started out all dull and kinda depressed and now I'm all happy and lets-do-something-new! I strongly reccomend making lists when you're down. Trust me, it works. :)

Over and out.