Thursday, September 4, 2008

Woes of Women

For aeons, men have dominated the face of Mother Earth. They consider themselves the rulers of her. But that's not why I'm writing this article. I'm writing this to tell you about how women have been shunned while the world we live in has become a Man's world.

In The Da Vinci Code, a well researched book, Dan Brown mentions that through the centuries, men started to neglect women. They started to consider her unholy, when earlier, she was considered the spiritual part of the species of Homo sapiens. The Catholic church decided that free-thinking women were witches on Earth. To eradicate these women, they burnt an astounding 5 million women. Yes, 5 million. And why? Because women used their scientific knowledge to ease the pain of childbirth?which was apparently a deserved punishment because Eve got dibs on the Apple of Knowledge? No. It's because men were afraid. They knew, if these free-thinking women were released from their lashes, they could dominate the world.

I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. All I'm saying it look at the facts. Ignoring the biological truth about women being able to give birth, Man, is said to be The Creator. How can people be so incredibly blind? It is a clear fact that women, ONLY women can create life.

The worst part is that traces of this sexist behaviour can be observed even in today's world. In a developing nation like India, women are burnt because their spouse learnt that there's a female inside her womb. How can people possibly be so heartless? Even worse, are women who encourage this behaviour, the ones who are ashamed to be one.

But now, with the new generation, women are not listening to it anymore. They are standing up for themselves. They are dominating every field and yet I dont see any free-thinking men being burnt up. With feminists like Sudha Murthy and Shobha De` and thousands of other ignited souls, women are finally returning to their rightful place in society.