Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The 'Kick Me!' Incident

The characters involved in this episode of my life:
Namrata- my partner in crime

Aishwarya- a part of the enthusiastic audience

and me.

ok, there is one other very important character in this story whose name i do not want to disclose. So lets just call her whats-her-name. And of course, the accomplices of whats-her-name who are Miss Snob and Miss Flirt- a - lot.

Friday afternoon. Concert practice in school. TOTAL chaos.
So in the middle of this chaos, Namrata and me were in a particularly mishchevious mood... when are we not? But on this day it was enhanced by the fact that there was no teacher in the class.

Namrata and me had a knack for annoying whats-her-name. And with the wonderful atmosphere in class, whats-her-name was positively in danger. She should have gone into hiding like her accomplices had adviced. But she didn't.

Namrata had a piece of chalk in her hand... and a wicked smile on her face. She looked at whats-her-name's bag, nodded at me and i got to work. While Namrata distracted whats-her-name with some lame small talk, i wrote, in big bold capital letters, 'KICK ME!' on whats-her-name's bagpack. Oh yea, don't forget the exclamation. Apparently, it's very important. The job was done. The crime was committed. Though while i committed the crime, random spectators like Aishwarya burst out laughing and screamed in joy (She had obviously lost it). So after this, Namrata and me waited restlessly for whats-her-name to find out. We waited for a minute, a minute and a half, two minutes....tic toc tic toc....aaaand BOOM! She figured it out.

[ Ok. So we'll take a pause over here. At this point Namrata and me thought- Yes, we thought. that's where we went wrong- that whats-her-name would probably try to write 'KICK ME!' on our bags and scream her head off and completely crazy. Were we wrong or what.]

Any guesses to what she actually did?No? Didn't think so. She started crying. Yes, crying. We had truly hurt her. She ran upstairs to get all the attention from rest of the class, namely, Miss Snob and Miss Flirt-a-lot.

Namrata and me, mortified, thought (you don't have to rub it in, you know) that she went to snitch to the teacher. So what do we do? We run before anyone could stop us. We meet up with Aishwarya downstairs and start discussing the current affairs. After about fifteen minutes, whats-her-name appears in the arms of Miss Snob and Miss Flirt-a-lot.

Much against Aishwarya's views, Namrata and me decided to apologize. We walked up to whats-her-name hesitantly.

"Ummm... We are sorry" Namrata ventured.
"Maybe we did go a bit too far" I said, sheepishly.

This was of course addressed to whats-her-name. But Miss Flirt-a-lot decides that she just has to intervene-
" You people are just too much"

Creative use of words.
Now her intervention got me mad. Real mad. I mean, we didn't even do as much as look at her but being the nosy stinkball she is, she just had to interfere. So I started screaming my head off at Miss Flirt-a-lot and the next thing I know, Namrata and Miss Snob are at it for i don't know what. Whats-her-name's face was just screaming-' Wasn't this an apology for me?!?! '

After looking at whats-her-name's face, all of us stopped and looked at her sheepishly.
" You guys should know you limits. You really crossed you limits" she said.

[ Over here, I would have liked to point out that we just wrote two words on her bag pack. But I let it pass]

I was still kind of ok with what she said because maybe it was kind of true. Of course, in the background, Miss Snob and Miss Flirt-a-lot were glaring at us and making faces

[ At this point, I decided to take it all in. I rewinded this whole situation and went through what had happened. Namrata and me, wrote two harmless words and one exclamation mark on a girl's bag and now.we were the most hated girls in our class. For some reason, I found this hilariously funny]

What do I generally do when i find something funny? I laugh. So in the middle of this solemn moment, I burst out laughing. Of course, this ruined the apology. When i looked at Namrata, you could practically see the fumes coming out of her ears. She yanked my arm and dragged me out of the area where we met up with Aishwarya.

" You started LAUGHING in middle of the APOLOGY????" she screamed. She hadn't even started. Aishwarya burst out laughing when she heard of what happened with the apology but quickly started consoling us when she saw our murderous glares. This, of course, did nothing to help our reputation in class.

I still found this situation extremely funny. But when i got home, i started feeling a tad bit guilty (About time). I hurt someone and then burst out laughing while apologizing. That was not a nice thing to do. So i sat down and wrote this bee-yoo-tiful apology letter for whats-her-name. Namrata rolled her eyes when she saw it but eventually signed it too.

So mission for tomorrow: Apologize. Without laughing.

The next day, we slipped the letter in her bag. (The 'KICK ME!' sign was off. Surprise, surprise.)

She read the letter and things actually improved between us. Sure, we hated each others guts, but not that openly anymore. After this incident, I never thought that whats-her-name and me could ever be friends. Not in a million years. Not in a trillion years. But eventually, she started to despise Miss Flirt-a-lot and Miss Snob (Gee, I wonder why) and guess what? It took a year, but now we are the best of friends. Now it's hard to believe that there was a moment where i couldn't stand even looking at her face. Weird how things turn out, huh?