Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I Thunk

These are a collection of random things I thunk just now:

* I should really clean my room. It's coming to a stage where things have started decomposing inside it.

* 'Random' is a weird word. Ra-ndom...raaandom......

* I hate change of any kind.

* Chocolate tastes chocolate-y

* The word cool sounds cool.

* I should be doing something more important than blogging. Studying, for instance.

* History is very historical.

* I wish I had a country named after me.

* While I'm wishing, I'd like a chocolate sundae that has lots of hot chocolate syrup wit chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles in it.

* Living can be very tiring.

* Egypt sounds like a nice country.

* I love Keanu Reeves.

* Why do people blink? I mean, the world cant be that ugly that we have to close our eyes every half a second.

* Why is salsa a type of dance? Isn't it supposed to be an amazingly spicy sauce that you're supposed to eat with nachos?

* Jack Black is funny.

* Enrique Iglesias would make a very pretty girl.

* Why do all Disney stars insist on singing? I mean, just because you can act (not that well, mind you), that does NOT mean you can sing. Have heard Miley Cyrus? or try Ashley Tisdale. Gah!!

* I want to learn a new language. German? ooooooh! or how about Spanish?

* I want to just sit and read. Without anyone disturbing me. No phone calls, no one saying " Dont you have anything better to do?" or " Clean up your room. NOW." I want to read. It's a fundamental right which I totally deserve.

* When I was a little kid, I used to think the world of teenagers. Now that I'm a teenager, it isn't ALL that great. Sure, it's nice. But not as great as I thought it would be.

* Anything fried tastes awesome. I bet if i put some cockroaches in boiling oil, they would taste great (no guarantee,of course).

* I want to eat a burger.

* Hair. Isn't it weird? Random bits of string made of dead cells that hang from the head. Weird.

* Why do people say that lions roar? because they dont. When they open their mouth, it sounds NOTHING like 'Roooaaarr!'

*On the other hand, hyenas DO laugh.

* Lion King is an amazing movie. Un-roaring lions, laughing hyenas, stupid little funny animals... they've got it all.

* I want to visit Timbuktu.

* I want a lot of things which I never get. But i WILL go to Timbuktu. I'll show you, I'll show you all!!!!!

* If you are still reading this, hi. how ya doin'?

*Internet is the greatest invention ever. After the telephone, of course.
* I want a pet panda for my next birthday. Is everyone still around?

Well that's enough thinking for today.
Happy thinking,y'all!:)